Why Us

Studies show 30% of Americans have subprime credit.

That means 68 Million people have credit scores around 600 or below.


Credit worthiness is the key to your financial life. If you want to purchase a car or a home, go to school, rent an apartment, and sometimes get a new job you need a good credit report.Imperial Credit Service offers:

  • Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up) backed by a money back refund policy.
  • Permanent removals. (Meaning, when we remove an account, it will NEVER show back up at a later date, EVER).
  • Real time credit tracking software that allows you to track the status of every account on all 3 credit bureaus. (Our software is synced directly to the credit bureaus).
  • If we don’t honor our contract and perform as specified, we’ll give you your money back. The pressure is all on us to perform.
  • Great results… Check them out HERE

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