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Give us 45 days and we will get results.


The first phase in our three step process is a full and complete review of your credit history. We will go over every item on your report and identify the items to attack. This detailed review is provided free of charge.


During the second phase of the process, you will receive our recommendations and  action plan.  We will explain what we are going to do and why with transparency to the credit repair process.


Every 45 days of your plan, we will review your credit report to look at the progress we’ve made. Everyone’s credit profile is different, however it is not uncommon to see 60 point increases after the first 45 days.

Our Promise

Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up) backed by a money back refund policy.  The pressure is all on us to perform. Our promise to you is unmatched in this industry. The decision is all yours. You may choose to get scammed by our competitors or you can sign up with us at very minimal costs and have it backed by our refund policy.

We Are Experts

When it comes to your credit, we do it all!



Debts transferred to a third party for action. Generally items 4 to 6 months past due are sent for collection.



Debts significantly past due and deemed uncollectible by the creditor, however still subject to collection activity.


Late Pays

Items 30 days or more past due are indicated as a late pay. The more amounts are past due, the worse it is on your credit.


Medical Bills

Even if settled, sometimes medical bills linger on your report and need special attention to get removed.


Student Loans

Our student loan specialist can help you through the loan rehabilitation and/or consolidation process.



Bankruptcy stays on credit reports ten years. We help you start over and re-establish a meaningful credit history.


Tax Liens

Once paid and released, tax liens must be removed from your credit report after seven years.



Judgements stay on your report 10 years. Important aspect of good credit is having judgements removed.

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Child Support

Child support arrears stay on credit reports seven years. We help our clients clear these items once paid.

Best Practices

Work with us and track your credit in real-time. With our software system, you can track and monitor the progress of your credit repair in real time. Need an update? Easy, login to your account and get a status. You’ll be able to monitor result updates, deletions, disputes, and any other changes that may occur.

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See what our clients say about us.

  • Good stuff. Your company helped one of my friends buy a car.

    Grace J.
  • Good pricing. I shopped around and it seems that alot of companies are scamming people now.

    Mac N.
  • More results please!! I like what I see so far.

    Kimora C.
  • A+++++++++++++++++++ as always.

  • I did my home work and from what I can see, you guys are the cream of the crop.


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